wrinkle treatment



Wrinkle injections consist of a naturally derived purified protein that effectively relaxes the muscles responsible for the development of wrinkles. This innovative treatment serves as a proactive measure against the emergence of deep lines, while also offering the advantage of softening existing lines for a more youthful appearance.

The procedure is typically brief, spanning approximately 5-10 minutes, and involves the precise administration of the injections into specific muscle groups. Following the treatment, it generally takes between 3-5 days for noticeable effects to commence, with the full extent of the treatment's impact becoming evident within 14 days. The duration of these benefits can vary, lasting anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks, contingent upon the specific treatment area.




This treatment involves injecting wrinkle treatment to relax the muscles between the eyebrows, diminishing the appearance of vertical lines and achieving a smoother forehead.

With this treatment we inject wrinkle treatment to relax the underlying muscles, reducing the appearance of horizontal lines and creating a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

Wrinkle treatments in the outer corners of the eyes & brow, helping to diminish their appearance, lift the area and promote smoother-looking skin.

Jawline slimming & clenching is a non-surgical procedure that uses Wrinkle Treatment injections to contour and reduce the size of the jaw muscles, creating a more streamlined and defined appearance.

Anti Wrinkle in the armpits is a procedure where Botox injections are used to control excessive sweating, providing long-lasting relief from underarm perspiration.